Maura's Web Page Evaluation
School/Co. URL Rating Design Content features
Mount Ida 3 Good. School colors. generally appealing. very green. attracted to the pictures Event calendar, college news, links to admissions ect. purpose is to inform students of goings on in the school and to get more students to come. works for both…makes students look into the site. search, contact info, pictures. could do more to enhance purpose.
Regis College 3 Nice. Bright easy to read. immediately drawn to the picures. links to more information-about, admissions, athletics ect. Its pretty good with the first part. But the second part obivously requires more research into the site. Makes students say ok i will look pictures, featured links, news, contact info could do more to enhance purpose.
DEB Stores 5 active. lot going on. appealing to their customers. Immeaditately drawn to the prom dresses. Junior/Junior Plus, gift cards, store locator, my account, my wish list, dresses, denim, schoes and accessories, careers, terms and conditions, privacy policy, about us, track my order affliates, help site map The purpose is to get young girl to want to go buy things. yes it works.. ;) Select clothing, search assistance phone number Enhances purpose.
Walmart 4 informative, ads, plain immeditately drawn to the major picture featuring a deal store departments-electronics womens, mens, ect store finder, local ads, gorft cards and registry, track orders and sign in, about links, stores and corporate links, help links. the purpose is to get people to buy things. Works fairly well with all the links… Value of the day, select items, connect with other customers like you, your cart, and sign up. Enhances purpose… gives many choices
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