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The article is saying that befor the internet that people had to remember things from their memory and now that there is
internet and that it is awlays improving that we will be able to have more things right there on the internet at what ever time we want and how no one can work without the internet.

In this article it talks about how people are losing their jobs and memory to the internet. It talks about how people before the intternet could focus just fine, and now they can barely work now without the internet.

The Age of External Knowledge by WDRENEEWDRENEE, 27 Jan 2010 16:36

ok so i waited a whole day and maybe im wrong but i cant find a another thread to
reply to so i just replied to my own….

That is interesting. I wonder if I have any physical traits like that and if I'm just not self-aware enough to notice them? I still always start writing with a pencil and paper though, old habits die hard.

I looked up a reply that started talking about how now we have all this acess to information where we use d to have to travel far to learn new things. What we knew was from experince and actually listening to others. This person was also saying that now when asked an interesting question, he/she starts playing with their finger and instinctively pull out their phone. (not always to avoid the question) I find that now when doing apaper even one that requires to reasearch i work better just starting a typing not writing by hand. I found it interesting and true.

WHoahhh I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: How to reply to a thread by RODRERODRE, 26 Jan 2010 14:54
Re: How to reply to a thread by WDMAURAWDMAURA, 26 Jan 2010 14:51
Re: How to reply to a thread by WDRENEEWDRENEE, 26 Jan 2010 14:51
Re: How to reply to a thread by wdannawdanna, 26 Jan 2010 14:46

How do you feel about the fact that the internet is so intwined with our identities? Are there disadvantages as well as advantages to the new power of the internet?

The Machine is Us/ing Us by Mr CeeMr Cee, 25 Jan 2010 13:29

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