Assignments Week Two

Assignment #1

1. What is a high-quality website? As a group, discuss the questions presented in theOverview section above.
2. What do the experts say? Visit the websites in the Resources section. Each of these resources provides someone else's opinions as to what constitutes high-quality websites. Which of these resources do you most agree with? Do you disagree with any of these authors' opinions? Discuss this as a group.
3. Become a web critic. Individually, visit at least two high school websites and at least two commercial websites (look for good and bad examples of each type). Keep detailed notes about what you observe. Look at your own school website, plus other schools in your district, your state, and around the world. Record as many examples as you are able to find. Of those you evaluate, identify which one is the highest quality website, and which one is the lowest.

• Rate each site from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest).
• Comment on the site's design. Does the site look good? What is the eye drawn to immediately?
• Comment on the site's content. What seems to be the main purpose of the site? Is the purpose clear?
• Comment on the site's noteworthy features. How do the features enhance the site's main purpose?

Create a table for your notes which looks something like this:

School/Co. URL Rating Design Content Features
St Clement 3 Well, I don't want to be mean. schedules, homework etc. email
cell-content cell-content cell-content content content cell-content
cell-content cell-content cell-content content content cell-content

You can pass in your notes or create a new page for them on the wiki.

Assignment #2

Create a paper Prototype of your Website.
Examples of paper prototyping

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